Here you can find a hodge-podge of my current and archived projects in various states of polish or disrepair.

The Projects


OtherLife Art
This is the online portfolio of sculptor and papercraft artist David Canavese. The site is built using HTML5 and CSS3 with a mobile first philosophy and using responsive web design techniques. What does all of that mean? It will work well on your desktop, tablet, and phone. Try it out! If you are looking at the site on a computer, play around with resizing your browser window and watch the site re-flow and adapt. Work that still needs to be done: finish testing across a few more browsers and devices; complete set up of Google Analytics and other SEO related work; link to/incorporate dynamic blog; and attach additional social media sharing options. Oh, and add myself to the copyright information section with the artist's blessing.
Dancing Designs
You are here now! This site is clearly still a work in progress. I will be working on linking a blog at some point, but it is a little ways off because its purpose is for me to experiment with different features of WordPress that I will be teaching myself. I'm sure I could get it up and running in a day if I did a hack job of it, but I want to know a little more of the ins and outs before I push it "live." Oh, and I need to set up a contact form at some point...


None at this time.


This is my current "day job." I do content management work related to editing and approving user-submitted events, as well as posting events that I harvest from other arts organization's websites. I also wrote two guest blog posts on my arts-related trip to London in the summer of 2012: Part 1 and Part 2.

Tinkering With

None at this time.


Merry Mart Uniforms
This used to be my "day job." I did not design this site, nor did I code it. However, I did interfaced with the web development team that built it. I created most of the initial content, populated all of it to the site, and used my HTML and CSS skills to add additional features when needed. I also supervised product photography and provided additional image editing to prepare product images for the web.
Mobile CSS: The Possibilities, The Problems...
I created this site as a research project for a CSS class I was taking. I found a lot of great resources about designing for the mobile web. The site is a bit rough around the edges (particularly the navigation), but I still like a lot of the design features, especially considering that it was my first foray into mobile web design (and I was on a tight schedule). I may come back to this design at some point, but for now I'm just using it as source material.
Orienteering: Webmaster Style
This is total fluff. Another CSS class project, it was built to demonstrate pure CSS horizontal and vertical navigation. The content is just silly. I may add "real" content and jazz it up a bit someday, but certainly not in the near future.

Looking Ahead

Just Art
This is my passion project. It will be a site dedicated to the intersection of social justice and the arts. More to come!