Julia Canavese, part-time web developer and part-time dancer, is on a mission. She wants to make your artist or arts organization's website look equally fabulous on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. In short, she wants your vision to be easily accessible by all visitors to your site.

"But Julia, I don't really need a mobile-friendly site. People won't be visiting my site on their phone. That's for Facebook and restaurants and other businesses..." The fact of the matter is, people will visit any type of website on their phones or tablets if it is easy to use—and there is no reason to discourage them! People aren't just using their phones to get information while hurrying down the street. They are leisurely browsing the web on their morning train commute or on their tablet in bed before going to sleep at night. The web is everywhere now, and your art can be, too.

"My site is probably okay the way it is...how big of a difference does designing for mobile first really make?" Small changes can make a big difference! Check out my recent redesign of a local visual artist's website:

Work Sample

Interested in my services? E-mail me at admin@dancingdesigns.net