Here is where all of my nifty text goes.

Check out this nifty unordered list that is not a navigational element:

More nifty text. Isn't it amazing how much nifty text I have?

Gee wiz jeepers this sure is nifty text.




I just love adding to the nifty quota in the world.

What should I wear tomorrow? If I wore a tee, that would almost be nifty. (You can start groaning now, if you haven't already.)

Did you know that a yaffle is both a woodpecker named after its call and a pile of codfish? Yes, specifically codfish. You cannot yaffle any other fish except codfish. (That's right! Yaffle is also a verb that means to pile codfish into yaffles.) How can you not love the English language with daft little gems like that?

One last thing...I hope you have a nifty day!